I have a variety of colors to choose from, making color coordination easy.

Cardstock Paper:

 White, Natural, Grey, Sand, Tan, Brown, Black, Olive, Green, Yellow-Green, Lime, Neon Yellow, Pastel Yellow, Ivory, Yellow, Goldenrod, Tangerine, Pumpkin, Salmon, Red, Fuchsia, Hot Pink, Bubblegum, Pink, Coral, Thistle, Magenta, Orchid, Cornflower, Sky Blue, Baby Blue, Aqua, Teal, Pale Green

(all of these colors can be used for layered invitations)


Linen Paper & Envelopes:

White, Natural, Ivory, Light Blue, Light Green, Grey

(light pink laid paper is also available)



Dark Brown<br />LinenBurgundy<br />SolidTiffany Blue<br />SolidMeadow Green<br />SolidRazzle Pink<br />Solid

Linen- White, Natural, Red, Black, Brown, Light Blue

Cardstock- Brown, Black, Royal Purple, Burgundy, Light Green, Aqua, Dark Pink

(other colors available for an additional price)



Sheer- White, Ivory, Red, Gold, Silver, Wine, Black, Light Yellow, Pink, Navy, Orange, Emerald, Royal Blue, Iris, Light Blue, Toffee, Peach, Purple, Smoky Blue, Fuchsia, Hunter Green, Plum, Mauve, Aqua, Turquoise, Jade, Light Pink, Mint, Olive, Orchid

Satin- White, Ivory, Gold, Silver, Wine, Black, Red, Pink, Purple, Royal Blue, Navy, Light Yellow, Emerald, Light Blue, Hunter Green, Light Pink, Olive, Mint, Brown, Toffee (satin ribbon has a slightly higher cost than sheer ribbon)




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